Sukhothai to Bung Sam Phan – Cycling in the country side

March 19, 2013 – Sukhothai to Phichit

Today's distance: 111km

Distance to date: 1974km

March 20, 2013 – Phichit to Bung Sam Phan

Today's distance: 137km

Distance to date: 2111km

The last two days of riding have been relatively flat. There isn't too much to say about them. We woke up early and had our traditional 7-11 bbq pork bun breakfast so we could get early starts to the long days of cycling. The ride to Phichit was quiet and scenic. There was one point where Houston was stopping every few minutes to get a photo of the rice fields… I was wondering if all of those photos looked the same.

There were lots of these birds in the rice fields

After Phichit we were on a highway with a large shoulder for most of the ride to Bung Sam Phan. We lucked out with the weather since it was overcast for most of the day. It made a huge difference during the 140 km ride how much cooler it feels with the breeze without the scorching hot sun. We ended up turning onto a quiet side road with our last 20 kms to go. The scenery going into town was beautiful but the road was bad. It was full of potholes and large patches to cover up the old potholes which made for a bumpy 20kms. Oh yea we also broke 2000 kms on our tour during this day! Yippy!

Arriving to both of the towns we had trouble finding our hotel. We have literally arrived in the area of Thailand where these midsized towns see very few tourists which also means no English, even the signs for the hotels were only in Thai, and being unprepared Houston and I both do not know what hotel looks like in the Thai language nor do we know how to say it. Oopsies, luckily we ended up finding a hotel after riding around the towns, and now we also both know how to spell hotel in the Thai language โรงแรน (or how we translate it to the English letters Tsviisu).

Look how green it is!

Houston and his shadow


My shadow, look how tall I am!

It looks like a cherry blossom, but a tropical kind.

More rice fields

The flat and quiet roads

Yay! 2000 kms in SE Asia!

Houston's iconic milestone face

Look how close we are to Bangkok... Maybe we'll just go back!

Little hills, the big ones are coming soon...

Some sort of crops growing

Lots of agriculture in these parts of Thailand, not much fruit, which means no more fruit smoothies. :(

Delicious ribs and stir fry veggies for dinner!


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