Agra – The Taj Mahal

July 1 to July 3

There really isn't much to say about Agra so I'll let the photos do most of the talking. We ended up spending 2 full days here when 1 day would have been plenty. It was actually nice getting the extra day, our hotel was the nicest to date in India and it was situated away from the chaotic streets. The one downfall from being away from the action were the clueless tuk tuk drivers having no idea where our hotel was and driving us to the other end of the city instead of asking for directions. Our hotel was called the Taj Homestay so he automatically assumed it was beside the Taj Mahal. We showed him the map on the hotel card which he ignored and instead we got a ride all around the city for a dollar. This happened 3 times in Agra, good thing we negotiate a price before entering the tuk tuk.

Of course there's only one reason to go to Agra and that's to see the Taj Mahal. It was truly stunning and a must if you are in India and I see why it is listed as one of the 7 wonders of the world.

The beautiful Taj Mahal

The south gate, even the gates are pretty magnificent.

Another photo of the south gate.

Houston posing with the Taj.

It's us at the side of the Taj.

There were lots of local tourist from all around India.

Bulls hard at work

Yay! Free washroom use for foreigners. Well maybe not free, foreigners do pay 750 rupees while locals only pay 20, that's okay though, it should be made affordable for the locals to see the amazing architecture in their country.

There are 2 identical mosque on each side of the Taj.

A storm is coming... Eeeeeek

I'm a celebrity here, usually Houston would get the attention but so far in India the locals have been asking me to take photos with them.

Souvenir shopping, if you get something from us made out of marble it's probably from here.

The Red Fort, the other main attraction in Agra.

The detail was also pretty amazing, but being in the same city as the Taj Mahal it often gets overshadowed.

The detail in the sandstone walls.

The king got banished to The Red Fort by his son after he finished building the Taj Mahal for his love. She unfortunately passed away before it was complete.

Houston calls this the laundry room, I think it was a fountain back in the day.

Not to shabby of a place to get banished to, you can see the marble detail within the Red Fort.

A close up of the marble pillars.

Houston taking a photo while I'm reading about the Red Fort in the guide book. No audio guide needed for me.

Our cute little squirrel friend.

A massive portion of food for one person, but it sure was delicious.

We were looking for a recommended Indian restaurant but the taxi driver stopped at a random place 3 kms from where we wanted to go. We started to walk and found an American favourite instead, Dominos!

The server was really keen on me signing the guest book and also filling out a customer service form. I think he wanted to show his boss to get brownie points.

The dessert shop next door, they wouldn't sell us only a few pieces, you had to buy a minimum amount of grams, so we walked out with a pound of dessert.


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    1. Meriel says:

      Looks like so much fun! I showed Michael your trip from thailand to vietnam! he was so inspired, so now we’ve been riding bikes.. :) eheh we hope to bike around the world like you two! Hope you guys are having fun and i hope to see you when you get back!! :)

      • Johnny says:

        Hey Meriel! Happy we could inspire you two. Hope you’re doing great! I will definitely visit when we are back.

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