Panaji – Hiding out from the rain

July 23 to July 27

As we approach further south, it is getting much greener. The first thing I noticed once we arrived in Panaji were the clean and open streets. It was much more humid and tropical in this region with a lot more palm trees. On the down side we are in the middle of monsoon season and it pretty well rained non stop for 3 days. The last time we encountered this much rain in our travels were the first couple days of cycling in Malaysia. Actually the scenery reminded me a lot of Malaysia with how green it was along with the nice hills.

It rained a lot everyday we were in Panaji, the streets were starting to flood here.

Panaji was a nice little city, it was easily walkable and it was full of colonial churches and buildings from the 4 to 5 centuries the Portuguese had control over it. The influence remains with a large population of catholic locals with the older generation still fluent in portuguese. A lot of time spent in Panaji was at the local coffee shops and restaurants as we hid from the rain (Goa is the first place in India we were able to order beef and pork at the restaurants). We did manage to go on one organized tour around Old Goa and southern Goa. It was a good way to see the sites while staying dry. With all of our free time we were also able to plan and book future transit for the remainder of our trip!

The VIP waiting lounge at the new Mumbai train station. Definitely the nicest waiting area to date in India and yep we are VIP.

A nice old church built in the 1600's for the Portuguese settlers.

Delicious dosa's! A specialty of South Indian cuisine.

Our favourite coffee chain in India. We spent hours here hiding out from the rain.

Basilica Bom (baby) Jesus. One of the churches we went to during our tour of Old Goa.

Houston playing on his I Phone at church, bad Houston.

The inside of Bom Jesus church built in 1605.

Look at the cool tree outside Sé Cathedral completed in 1652.

A nice Hindu temple in Old Goa.

This Hindu temple looks like a barn house. The style of the temples here are very different.

The nice green hills in Goa that looked a lot like Malaysia.

Corvo Beach, the longest beach in Goa.

Aiming the cannon at Houston. Kidding :)

Another storm is coming. Eeeeeek


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