Trichy and Kuala Lumpur – Two different worlds

August 4 & 5 – Trichy

August 6 to 8 – Kuala Lumpur

It felt kind of surreal to arrive in Trichy. This would be the place where Johnny and I fly out of India. I can't lie and say I wasn't excited. India has so much to offer but it can be very difficult to travel. It was early morning as we stepped off the train at the small unfrequented station in Trichy. Surprisingly no rickshaw drivers were fighting over us and the roads were nearly deserted the short walk to the hotel. It felt completely unlike India. That would change later in the day when Johnny and I walked around town. The place was PACKED! Like Kolkata night bazaar or Old Town New Delhi packed. We were in the market area of Trichy and with it being Sunday everyone was walking the streets looking for a good deal as cars and motos squeezed through the narrow road forcing everyone to squish together. In Trichy we checked out a church or two and made our way to a large complex of temples in India, Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple. It was kind of like a living working version of Angkor Wat with shops lining the lanes inside the complex with several temples in the centre of the complex. There was even an elephant!

After leaving India we won't be seeing any more holy cows. That's kind of sad, actually

The thalis at Banana Leaf are awesome!

Pomegranates, must be grown in the area

The bazaar was packed on Sunday. That's Rock Fort Temple in the back

Lourdes Church. There's a greater Catholic presence in southern India

Inside Lourdes Church

Seeing as we're leaving India I just had to get a photo of a moto. See those metal bars in front of the guy's legs? I think they're to protect the rider's legs from running into obstacles. Every moto in India has them but we didn't notice them anywhere in Southeast Asia

Pretty things for sale at Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple

One of the many gopurams you have to pass through to get to the inner sanctum of Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple

Up close to one of the gopurams

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple was loaded with people just hanging out

Johnny and I weren't allowed to enter a lot of the temples inside Sri Ranganathaswamy, including a golden temple :(

No shoes allowed in the temple

We left our shoes at the shoe check

Shopping time

Indian women dress better than any other country we've been to

I don't know what he was giving out...

... but a lot of people wanted it

These guys we dancing around like how they did at Thaipusam back in January in Kuala Lumpur

Haven't seen this for a while but sugar cane is all over the place in Trichy

Our last meal in India. Curry and dosas. They are sooooo good but after six weeks of creamy curries and delicious buttery dosas I think I'll wait a year before I indulge in them again

After a couple days in Trichy we woke extra early and took a taxi to the airport. Airports in India are a bit of a joke. Maybe in an attempt to deal with unemployment the airlines create all these useless jobs. Walking into the airport our tickets were checked no fewer than four times just to get to the check in counter. At security and immigration our tickets were again checked at least four times by four different people all within seconds from one another. That's not to mention the random checks walking between check in, security, and the departure lounge. And lets not forget the three checks to board the plane or the lady in the departure lounge who valiantly attempted to line up passengers row by row before we got on the plane. Trichy airport was the worst with these useless jobs but all airports in India were like this to some extent. I have to believe it's an attempt to increase employment and get people off the street.

Arriving in Malaysia was pretty amazing to say the least. We spent a week in Kuala Lumpur in January and then we went back a week later for a night. Coming back to Kuala Lumpur feels a lot like coming home. As soon as we checked into our hotel we got on the train to our favorite street for satay which was super delicious. Then we walked over to Pavillion Mall for dessert and a movie. You should have seen our faces walking around Kuala Lumpur and the mall. We were in paradise and giddy with excitement. Everything was just so modern and clean!

The lanterns are up which means we're just steps away from Jalan Alor and...

... satay with all the peanut sauce and hoisin you could ever want!!!! It's been six months since we've been here and it's even better than before

So is this!

Malaysia Truly Asia. Roti time!

I was so excited to go for a breakfast of roti and coffee loaded with condensed milk. It was wonderful

I thought it would be several years until we saw the Petronas Towers again. Sometimes it's nice to be wrong

Johnny was just as excited as me

Oh no! Johnny is trapped by the fountain

You may not believe it by reading our blog but at home Johnny and I rarely go to the mall and don't like it while we're there. When we got to Kuala Lumpur, however, we were giddy walking through here. This is about as different from India as you can get

Crikey! Johnny's terrifying Steve Irwin

The sign on this fountain said to drink only from the fountain which I found very odd so I asked Johnny to pretend to have a drink. Then I saw the actual drinking water fountain which is exactly what you'd expect it to be

The king of fruit, durian

Check, check and check. Roti, condensed milk with coffee, shaved ice dessert, satay, and now coconut. The coconuts in Malaysia are better than what we got throughout the reset of Southeast Asia


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