Missouri and Michigan

August 12 to 17 & 24 to 26 – Independence, Missouri

August 18 to 23 – Marshall and Port Austin, Michigan

Back in Agra, India when we decided to cut the trip short of China we thought it’d be fun to add on a trip to visit my family in Missouri and Michigan. You wouldn’t imagine most people would be excited to visit Missouri but Johnny was just as excited to visit Missouri as he was any place else. I think he was excited to have some BBQ. I was excited because of BBQ and because I haven’t been to Missouri for years and have never been to Michigan. Also I always have lots of fun with my uncle, aunt and cousins who live there.

Johnny and my cousin Joy battle it out with a game of checkers. This one ended in a draw


My Uncle Tom and cousin Addy watch Johnny and Joy play checkers. We suspect they don’t have much of idea of what they’re doing

While in Asia Johnny said one of the first things he wants to do when we get back to Vancouver is bake. Lucky for Johnny he got to bake with Addy the night we arrived in Missouri

It was my mom’s birthday and my cousins recommended Seasons 52 in Kansas City. Did you know Kansas City is known as the City of Fountains.

The desserts at Seasons 52 were especially yummy

While the adults were who knows where in Kansas City us big kids went to the Apple Store to play

Johnny gets to have all the fun with Addy :(

We all signed our initials on our creation

It’s a rainbow birthday cake! Here’s my mom with my cousin Tori

The icing was my favorite. Thanks Tori :)

My aunt guided us around the Temple in Independence which is the headquarters of the Community of Christ where she and my uncle work

Can you see Johnny? He’s in Vietnam

Looking up the spiral of the Temple

Johnny getting ready for going back to school in the fall

When Johnny and I started talking about going to Missouri we started thinking about BBQ. My uncle drove us to Arthur Bryant’s in Kansas City for some awesome BBQ. Like the Taj Palace in Mumbai, many American presidents and celebrities come here. It was delicious!

Tori and Addy are both very good at soccer so we went to Kansas one day to watch them play

After the soccer game we went for Mexican food. They had some interesting piñatas there…

After a week in Missouri we made the 10 hour drive to Marshall, Michigan. The trip was made a couple hours longer because of me. In San Francisco my left calf started to feel sore, stiff, and a little numb. A week later it hadn’t improved so my mom convinced Johnny to convince me to go to the doctor. The doctor sent me to get an ultrasound and found out I had blood clots in my calf. It wasn’t too severe so all I had to do was take Aspirin to thin my blood and keep my leg moving. That’s what made our trip to Michigan long. Every 10 to 15 minutes I had to do stretches in the car and every 60 to 90 minutes I had to get out of the car so I could move around.

The long car ride was worth it though. This set of cousins moved from Independence to Colorado then to Michigan and it was lots of fun to visit them too. The next day we all made another drive to the “thumb” of Michigan to a lake house we rented for 5 days on Lake Huron. It was super relaxing just hanging out.

Those two weeks flew by. Next stop home… for one night only.

We were only in Marshall for a few minutes before my cousin Sam brought out the swords. Johnny better watch himself, she’s tough

My cousin Reno showing off his new ears. Can you guess where we are? Tim Hortons! Unlike in Canada, this Tim Hortons in Michigan was deserted and they were soooooo slow

Johnny and my cousin London floating on Lake Huron. Have you noticed a trend in my younger cousins’ name (my sister’s and mine too)? With one exception we all have city names. My sister started the trend

Watching the sunset from the lake house

The sunset. It’s crazy that a lake can be so big it looks like an ocean

We had fires most nights. Yay for smores

One day a bunch of us all went out kayaking

London and her mom in the back were pros

So were David and Reno

Johnny, however, seems to have run into these rocks… Ok, I asked him to go there for a photo

Isn’t the rock nice and pretty where it is

Johnny doesn’t think so. My uncle converted him into a rock hunter

David loaded his car full of big rocks. Their house has hundreds of them!

Johnny wasn’t quite as ambitious

It was a loooong walk back. To be fair this is Johnny’s second trip. His first trip he had much bigger rocks

There are 49 selfies of Reno so I thought I’d include one

Mmmmm. Sam likes her ice cream

Swim time

My turn!

It sounded like a better idea to jump off the pier until we were actually there

After this London and I jumped off a few times

We had some down time and Johnny practiced this game a lot. The first time he played he won but it took a long time for him to win again

Our last night at the lake we feasted on steak and dessert. Ok, we feasted every single day we were in the States but this meal was especially delicious

We made it to Chicago… sort of

Back in Missouri Addy is showing off her new candy bar

This is the second time we went to a restaurant called Cracker Barrel. I would say it leans towards southern cooking and I love it except for the biscuits and gravy. Johnny and I aren’t quite American enough for that

Flying back home to Vancouver but the trip is far from done


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