Bali, Labuan Bajo, and Komodo Dragon National Park – Indonesia

September 24 to 25 – Bali

September 25 to 28 – Labuan Bajo / Komodo Dragon National Park

Three years later and Johnny and I are back on the road. Almost everyone we tell that we’re going to Indonesia ask if we’re taking our bikes. No, we are not taking our bikes. We have less than three weeks and there’s a lot of ground to cover. And truthfully after writing this post after spending nearly three weeks in Indonesia, I can confidently say that we were very glad not to bring our bikes. Traffic where we were in Indonesia was way too crazy and man was it hot! Anyway, on with the pictures!


Leaving home was hard. When we left on our last trip my mom had a puppy Rafa. After the last trip and spending a couple years living at my mom’s saving money for a house we came to think as Rafa as our puppy. We also adopted Cisco shortly after arriving home. Leaving those two at home was pretty sad.


No bikes here. Now we travel in comfort with neck pillows, compression socks, and a selfie stick. Haha. What can I say, we’re three years older.


What to do when you arrive in Asia, rush to the beach and drink a coconut.

We didn’t arrive in Bali until about midnight and we knew we’d be back so we only spent that night and the next night there before heading out to see some Komodo Dragons.


I found this very interesting. In the seat pocket of domestic flights there were these prayer cards. Before leaving for the trip I read that flight safety in Indonesia is very bad and to go outside to inspect the plane before boarding. I guess it’s so bad that the people rely on prayer to get the plane safely to its destination.


When we arrived in Labuan Bajo we decided to walk from the airport into town. I don’t think it was even twenty minutes. Here’s Johnny holding what appears to be his baby. Do you recognize that shirt? I think he had it on our last trip. Clearly we rarely buy clothes.


The next morning we got on a boat for a couple hours to Rinca Island in Komodo Dragon National Park to see some Komodo Dragons.


I was worried we’d go all the way to see Komodo Dragons but end up not seeing any. Turns out that fear was unfounded. We saw these two right when we got to the park. Komodo Dragons weigh about 200 pounds and are 10 feet long. These two, however, are pushing the limits.


When we got to see some more Komodos it looked like they had all been drugged. Turns out they like to sleep during the heat of the day and are more active in the early morning and late afternoon. The Komodos are not supposed to be fed by people but I found it suspicious that they all hang out in camp.


This guy was a bit more wild choosing to sleep outside the camp in the woods. They look docile but these guys eat buffalo and deer. Their mouth is so bacteria ridden that their prey when bitten get deathly ill from infection so that the Komodo can finish them off. They eat up to 80% of its body weight in one meal!


When you get to the park you hire a guide to walk you around. We went on the long hike which was about 1.5 hours. We didn’t see a lot of action but I still really enjoyed the hike.


This little monkey friend kept an eye on our boat while we hiked around the park.


On the boat ride back from seeing the Komodos we stopped at a couple places to do some snorkelling which was great and then this tiny and ultra beautiful island.


Who’d have thought our celebrity would have followed us all the way to Indonesia. We must have admirers all over the world.

Our last day in Labuan Bajo we went back to Komodo Dragon National Park to do some scuba diving and snorkelling. The pictures don’t do it justice but this is by far the best diving I have done. The corals are intact, sooooo many fish, and I saw four sea turtles.

I really liked Labuan Bajo and Komodo Dragon National Park but this mosque I was not a fan of. Every morning at 4:15 for about 25 minutes this mosque would blare its call to prayer. It was so loud. Like a loud TV right next to your bed. It was so annoying. Needless to say we didn’t sleep much after 4AM.

This was our little bamboo hotel in Labuan Bajo. It lacked all of the amenities that I said I’d never go without but it was our little shack and I grew to appreciate it.


The awesome view from our bamboo shack.


The finer urinals in Indonesia feature these plexiglass shields. No splash back!


Back in the airport at Bali waiting for our flight to Yogyakarta. Those prayer cards worked out pretty well for us.

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