Bali and Ubud

October 5 to 11 – Bali and Ubud

Months ago when we first bought the tickets to Indonesia, Johnny insisted on staying at a nice hotel our last days in Bali. I’m so glad. Like I’ve said before, I’m too old to rough it now. Haha. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


Sunset from Jimbaran beach.


Enjoying one of the pools at our hotel.


Johnny had a great time with Flipper. I had no talent and constantly fell off. Unfortunately poor Flipper wasn’t meant for this world and passed on. :(


You see that black arrow? I saw a similar arrow in one of our other hotels and didn’t think much of it but arrows in two separate hotels… that’s something worth Googling. It’s a Qibla arrow that points in the direction of Islam’s holiest site, the Kaaba, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It helps Muslim guests orient themselves to pray toward Mecca.


People in our hotel were always taking photos next to this thing so we did too.


Our hotel was about a seven minute walk from the beach but instead of walking we used our shuttle.


Swimming at Jimbaran. It was way nicer staying here as opposed to Kuta where most of the hotels are. Here at Jimbaran there’s no one constantly trying to sell you something and the sunsets are great. This is the last photo anyone will ever see of those sunglasses. :( It’s probably not difficult to figure out what was about to happen to them.


During the day Jimbaran beach is empty but at night all the restaurants set up table to serve fresh seafood.


We got a front row seat for the sunset. Mmmm. That corn was so good.



One day we ordered a private car and driver to take us to Ubud and around. First stop was the monkey forest. It was so much fun. You can buy bananas to give to the monkeys. Here is one of my friends.


At first I had to convince Johnny to buy bananas but after we started to find these families of monkeys Johnny kept on insisting to buy more bananas. We were trying to feed this mama and baby but the dad monkey kept snatching the bananas! We eventually tricked him so we could get the banana to the mom and baby.


Who could take a banana from someone so cute.


Monkey is chilling like people!


“Huh? What do you have?”


“OMG is it really…”




With his prize in hand little monkey friend retreated to his tree. Those eyes are telling the other monkeys to stay back.


What a happy puppy.


These little offerings are in front a most businesses in Bali though usually there’s only one. These look old.


Hi Johnny :)


On the way back from Ubud we stopped for some coffee and tea. Here is Luwak Coffee which is where a cat weasel animal eats only the best coffee beans, poops them out, people collect the poo full of coffee beans, and then roast the beans for coffee. We saw the same thing in Vietnam. I did not like it then and I do not like it now. The poor animals look so sad. Who knows what happens at the actual coffee operation, but at these shops the animals are locked up in small cages all alone so tourists can see them. It’s so sad.


After coffee and tea we went to Tanah Lot Temple. It was really neat on the coast.



I guess we weren’t the only ones wanting to see Tanah Lot. At this time the tide was coming in so to reach the temple you’d have to fight the surf.


Johnny would have fought the surf to get to the temple but I was more hesitant. It was very rocky and slippery!


Johnny found a pirate hideout.


Despite having a great beach only minutes away, you can’t go to Bali without surfing so we went back to Kuta to show off our skills. We both hired an instructor and unlike Hawaii, they made us catch our own waves. We were pretty awesome if I do say so myself.


When we found out that Bali is home to the second best water park in the world then we just had to go. Waterbom was so much fun. We’ll have to get a video up to show all the cool slides.


Time to go home.

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