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Bali and Ubud

October 5 to 11 – Bali and Ubud Months ago when we first bought the tickets to Indonesia, Johnny insisted on staying at a nice hotel our last days in Bali. I’m so glad. Like I’ve said before, I’m too … Continue reading

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Mount Bromo and Ijen – Volcano hikes

October 3 to 5 – Mount Bromo and Ijen Months ago when we started thinking about this trip we were looking at photos trying to figure out what we wanted to do. ¬†Volcano hikes sounded really cool, the photos of … Continue reading

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Yogyakarta – Borobudur & Prambanan

September 28 to October 2 – Yogyakarta After the Komodo Dragons, fish, and beaches of Labuan Bajo, we made our way to Java for some temples and volcanoes. We started in Yogyakarta which is known as the art capital of … Continue reading

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Bali, Labuan Bajo, and Komodo Dragon National Park – Indonesia

September 24 to 25 – Bali September 25 to 28 – Labuan Bajo / Komodo Dragon National Park Three years later and Johnny and I are back on the road. Almost everyone we tell that we’re going to Indonesia ask … Continue reading

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India Overview

Seeing as it’s been six months since we left India we figured it was about time to write a little bit about our overall experience in India. But first, lets watch our video as a good primer. India is a … Continue reading

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San Francisco – When paradise backfires

August 8 to 12 San Francisco wasn't what we expected it to be. For weeks Johnny and I have been planning what we'd do in San Francisco, or more specifically what'd we eat. In Kuala Lumpur after going out for … Continue reading

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Missouri and Michigan

August 12 to 17 & 24 to 26 – Independence, Missouri August 18 to 23 – Marshall and Port Austin, Michigan Back in Agra, India when we decided to cut the trip short of China we thought it’d be fun … Continue reading

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Trichy and Kuala Lumpur – Two different worlds

August 4 & 5 – Trichy August 6 to 8 – Kuala Lumpur It felt kind of surreal to arrive in Trichy. This would be the place where Johnny and I fly out of India. I can't lie and say … Continue reading

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Kochi and Munnar – Southern India and tea fields

July 28 to August 3 After Lovely Leh, Kochi and Munnar rank as our favorite places in India. The farther south we get in India the nicer it is to be a tourist. We were told things got easier in … Continue reading

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Delhi and Mumbai

July 4 & 16 to 18 – Delhi July 18 to 22 – Mumbai Combined New Delhi and Mumbai have a population greater than that of Canada. What that means is these are two very dense and crowded cities. There's … Continue reading

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