If you browse through these links you’ll find loads of useful information.

Houston’s journal from his ride up South America and across Canada.

Houston and Johnny’s Photos – Not all of Houston’s and Johnny’s photos make it into the blog.  All of our photos can be found here in their full resolution.

Brodie Bikes – Get a bike like Johnny’s Brodie Argus.  A Vancouver based company renown for their frames.

Trek Bikes – Get a bike like Houston’s Trek 520.  A classic touring bike.

Crazy Guy on a Bike – A site where other bicycle tourists post their blogs.  This is a fantastic resource for planning your trip.

Bike Forums – There’s an infinite amount of knowledge here and you’ll be able to share your experience from participating in this community

Other touring journals:

Ketchup & Mustard across Canada – One of the first journals Houston read that inspired him to get started in bicycle tourism.

Jeff Kruys – This guy has done it all from tip to tip of the Americas and back and forth.  Jeff is a celebrity in the touring community.

David Holmes – Along with Jeff this guy helped Houston figure out what he was doing in South America and made him want to take better photos.

Malena Stiteler – Houston met Malena in South America.  After getting bored with backpacking and writing about candy Malena bought a cheap bike with ultra cheap gear and spent six months cycling South East Asia and then carried on to South America.  She was utterly clueless but she did it!