The Bikes

Meet Brodie and Roland.

Brodie came into our life not too long ago as an unexpected but happy surprise.  Originally Johnny was going to ride Houston’s old bike Norco.  Norco needed a lot of work to get touring ready so when we were out window shopping for supplies we decided to look at some bikes too.  We went out to look at the Surly Long Haul Trucker where fatties fit fine since it was a simple and robust bike.  But it wasn’t meant to be because next to the Surly was one devilishly sexy bike.  The Brodie Argus.  Not only was it sexy but it was steal, had bar end shifters, disk brakes, it rode well, and not to be underestimated… it was a damn pretty bike.  Johnny’s mind was made up and Houston had bike envy.

Brodie loaded up and ready for a tour

Roland’s story started nearly four years ago when Houston finished school and had worked just long enough to save up some money.  For years Houston wanted to ride across Canada but it was too cold in the winter and he didn’t have the patience to wait for the North American summer so he decided to buy a bike that would get him through South America.  Houston spent hours dreaming about his root beer colored Trek 520 only when he went to pick up the bike, the local bike shop didn’t have it (originally they said they had one and despite phoning all over town Houston couldn’t track one down).  A deep depression followed for the next couple minutes but soon enough Houston grew to love his less flashy black Trek 520.  Now Roland has 25,000km on him and while his paint is dull and scratched it speaks to his experience (Roland did end up cycling across Canada after riding up South America).  Roland was promised a spot on the mantel to live forever as a testament to his hard work but things change and now Roland is lubed up for a new adventure with his friend Brodie.

Meet Roland