The Plan

The idea of this trip started further back than we can remember but at its core Houston wanted to go to India and Johnny wanted to go to India.  This was before we had ever started dating and predated us even knowing each other.  The trip didn’t really start to flourish until after the first kiss and then we started to imagine quitting our jobs and travelling for a year to India and beyond.

Houston grew tired of Johnny not understanding his references back to his trip a year before when Houston spent nearly a year bicycle touring in South America and Canada.  Houston suggested to Johnny, arduous as it might be, that he reads Houston’s blog retelling his vagabonding adventures in South America and Canada as perceived from a bike.  When Johnny finished reading the blog Houston was surprised that Johnny’s first words were, “Houston, I want to ride bikes with you in Asia.”  Houston’s first thoughts were that Johnny must not have been paying attention when reading the blog or else Houston must have done a poor job of explaining how hard life on the road can be.  Johnny did understand, however, and was not perturbed so that was where this trip took a great leap forward from backpacking India to a whole lot more.

The fine details change by the day but starting in January we’ll fly from our home in Vancouver, Canada to Singapore in Southeast Asia.  On our loaded touring bikes we’ll be cycling all throughout Asia past cities, beaches, jungles, deserts, and the highest mountains in the world.  We’ll go through the most densely populated cities and the most remote corners of the world.  Over the year we’ll cycle 15,000km around Asia through nine countries… wedding planning taken to the next level.  Oh yeah, was it mentioned before that we’re getting married.  This was going to be a trip before we got married but we do want a destination wedding so who knows, if they allow gay marriage in Asia we may return as man and man.